For Your Safety

99% from PTCs sites are scam

About password

  • Do not tell anyone your password. Nobody has the right to ask your password;
  • Do not save important passwords in your browser.
  • Never use the same password for PTCs, E-mail address, Payza, Paypal, etc;
  • The password must be strong with 12-16 or more characters, a combination of large and small letters, numbers, and alphanumeric characters. Keep it in a safe place.
  • Preferably, use only personal PC to login or register in your accounts;
  • Use Password Generator for to make a strong password;
  • Beware of viruses. Better run an antivirus!

About phishing

  • What means phishing? The fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers, online.
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  • Do not believe in dreams (even if sometimes they are beautiful);
  • $1, $3, $10, $100 per click is pure scam. More than $0,01 per click, nobody give as standard member;
  • Do not use Proxy Connection or shared network environments for to log or to give clicks. Many sites do not accept such a connection!
  • 99% from PTCs sites are scam or will be scam in a few months. Don`t register everyday when appear a new PTC;
  • Before you register on a PTC, visit their forum. Some are full of spam or complaints from members;
  • Carefully for your money. Don`t Upgrade if that PTC has not a good reputation;
  • "10 years subscription" - Not give us any guarantee that PTC will be online for 10 years, and I noticed that many of them disappear in less than 6 months. Be careful where you choose to invest money!
  • A valid proof of payment can be only a print screan with banking transaction performed. A print screan with details of the payment from PTC user account is unsustainable. Example of valid proof
  • After click ads, possible will appear: Do you CHEAT? Pick the Number, Which 1 is the month, Pick the animal: you must answer correctly;
  • 20-25 PTC sites can be enough, but is not a rule;
  • Read many forums about PTC sites;
  • Read Scam Detector ( and PTC Scam List daily.
  • Internet is full of scammers. Take care!
Last update: June 15, 2014

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