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About Forums
  • That PTC has no forum;
  • Nobody can post in forums;
  • The forum is abandoned (the Admin missing from more 3-5 days);
  • In forum we do not find "help" or "support" section;
  • The forum has been reset without reasons;
  • The forum link is not in index/home page;
  • When you try to view the forum, and appear: "Login required. The page you're trying to access requires you to log in." or "Only registered members are allowed to access this section", it`s not good! (To 99% of BuxHost PTC sites, if we do not have a account, we not allowed to visit their forum. Have they something to hide? Of course yes, very many things like the complaints, in no case valid proof of payments.
    Do not recommend to invest money on PTC sites with secret forums!)
  • When you try to register on forum, and appear: "...The administrator will review your account and if approved you will receive an e-mail at the address you specified." Very suspicious!
  • When you try to post one message on forum, and appear: "This message has been submitted successfully, but it will need to be approved by a moderator before ...", it`s not good again!
  • The Admin no answer you questions in max 48h or deleted your post from forum;
  • In forum post only owner;
  • On forum is low activity.
About Script
  • Has Free or Low Script
  • The script has many errors or viruses;
  • In their script, have images with more money... and luxury cars with girls in bikinis;
  • Writing on the site is very (excessively) large;
  • Has the same script as other majors Scams (Ex:, Bux.3...);
  • The menu is invisible or almost invisible. (Ex.
  • Illegible writing on the site. (Ex.
  • Background color of the site is so dark, that the writing becomes illegible. (Ex: background color is blue and writing is black)
About Domain
  • Has Free Domain
  • Domain name contains words like free, instant...
  • Has very loooong name of domain
About Payment
  • The owner promise big eanings (Ex: $0,05-$10 per click or $20-10000 payout);
  • "Total paid" can not be justified;
  • Minimum payment is changed from day to day;
  • In your payment history not appear date of request (Contact to the Admin);
  • In payment history, payment appears as sent, but not received in fact. Check Alertpay account or Paypal, then contact the owner if you have not received the money. Sometimes it is just a mistake, sometimes is not;
  • The owner pays only part of the members;
  • In Payment Proof (from forum), not find at least 50% from payments, with a screen shot of their;
  • Members must to invest before cashout;
  • Members will be paid with 10 - 50% of their total request;
  • Withdrawal fee is more than 10% of the amount withdrawn;
  • If when we register on PTC site, in TOS write "Instant payment", and when we request the payment, those payment are not instant, even if TOS has been changed, that PTC site became suspicious, especially if that site is very new.
About TOS
  • The TOS missing;
  • The TOS is hidden in the site. (Ex.: see;
  • The TOS is not 100% visible (ex. an advertisement is placed partially or completely over TOS;
  • The TOS is changed very frequently;
  • The TOS contains absurd rules. (Ex. "All your direct referrals will be deleted and put in the renting pool after you requested payout");
  • In TOS not write about the minimum payment.
  • In TOS not write about referrals. For example, I want to know how many referrals can I have?;
  • In TOS write: "We have the right to suspend or terminate your account at any time, for any reason(???) and without warning or notice.";
  • The sites uses a famous brand for to mislead users. Examples:,, etc;
  • In sections "News" from Ptc script, the owner posted 3-4 month ago;
  • In the down of page: "Copyright 2007 - All Rights Reserved" and we are in 2009;
  • Ads missing
  • Has Ads with many Scams (Ex:, Bux3,;
  • The Owner close sometime another PTC or stoped paying;
  • In home page, TOS, FAQ write: "No investments required", but ask investment when you request cashout.

Last update: March 19, 2013

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