Which site are scam?

scam or only suspicious, we do not recommend them

In PTC Scam List we can find:

Important: Not all sites from this list are scam! We received complaints via e-mail, or find them on the Internet.

  • Scam PTC sites, which does not pay;
  • Suspicious sites
  • Sites that are not recommended: various reasons
  • Sites which make selective payments;
  • Sites which sell dreams or promise high earnings (like as $1-10000 per click). More than $0.02 are sweet dreams (checked) );
  • Sites owned by a dubious person or old scammer;
  • Sites which cannout justified their "Total Paid" with payments proof (print screen) in forum;
  • Sites which contain viruses;
  • Sites which no has TOS or FAQ;
  • Abandoned sites
  • Sites which disappeared, closed or have domain suspended;
  • Sites which have free script, free domain or low script;
  • Sites which use a illegal license script;
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